Longhorn Harley-Davidson® Rewards.

Reward Program for Our Dealership in Grand Prairie, Texas

Longhorn Harley-Davidson® Rewards

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  • Bring it to the counter and get points with every purchase!
  • Save up points to get cash coupons and more!

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Always check for the latest and greatest on your Maverick & Longhorn Harley-Davidson® rider rewards app!

Longhorn Harley-Davidson® and Maverick Harley® Rewards

Download the apps:

Points and Rewards Rules:

Rider Rewards

  • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent at both Longhorn Harley-Davidson® and Maverick Harley-Davidson®

Elite Rider Rewards (Maverick & Longhorn H.O.G.®/Heroes)

  • Earn 2 points for every $1 spent at both Longhorn Harley-Davidson® and Maverick Harley-Davidson®
  • Labor savings, front of line service pass four times per year, event rewards and more!

Pre-set rewards in the system that Riders have the ability to cash out through the app:

Points Reward
300 Points $10 Cash Rewards
750 Points $25 Cash Rewards
1500 Points $50 Cash Rewards
2500 Points $100 Cash Rewards
6000 Points $250 Cash Rewards
10000 Points $500 Cash Rewards

Rider Rewards and Elite Rider Rewards Extras:

  • 500 Points for when you purchase a bike
  • 2,500 Points for referrals (within 1-3 business days after bike purchase is closed)
  • Double points for Rider Rewards your birthday week! (receive elite rider rewards benefits your birthday week)

*Rewards do not expire if our riders remain active within a year of their first purchase.

**Rewards are available based on a customers “points” balance.

**Heroes are defined as police, firefighter, first responders, and military (veterans, active, and retired).
You must show I.D. to receive Elite Rider Rewards status.
We do not want anyone to take advantage of what we’re offering our heroes, so I.D. is imperative.

Always watch for updated event RSVP’s, clinic RSVP’s, exclusive coupons to earn extra points or specials.

Points are accumulated based on the amount you, the customer, spends. (Excludes bike sales, warranty items and wrecks, gift card purchases and Riding Academy tuition; all other purchases, before tax, including already discounted items, are eligible for points).

Visit Longhorn Harley-Davidson® in Grand Prairie, Texas near Arlington, Dallas, & Irving, TX.