Longhorn Harley-Davidson.

Jumpstart Test Rides

Are you interested in the world of motorcycling but clueless about how to ride a motorcycle? Don’t fret, you can ride on our Jumpstart! This is perfectly safe and made for those that have never ridden before. No motorcycle license is required. The Jumpstart experience is composed of a full-size Harley-Davidson® motorcycle strapped down on a platform with rollers allowing the back wheel to roll as you learn the friction zone.

Keep in mind, this does not replace the Riding Academy training course. This is to help build confidence in what it feels like to shift gears and give the motorcycle a little gas. Gives you the riding bug and helps you feel confident when registering for our Basic Rider’s Course.

Interested in riding the Jumpstart?

Email Ridingacademy@longhornhd.com