Longhorn Harley-Davidson.

Texas Motorcycle License Information

Obtain your Texas motorcycle license in 5 easy steps:

  • 1. Register for an MSF, motorcycle safety foundation, basic rider’s course in Texas.
  • 2. Purchase riding gear required for the safety course.
  • 3. An instruction permit or valid Texas driver’s license is required. Bring a valid driver’s license with you to class on the first night.
  • 4. Pass the Riding Academy basic rider’s course and receive your certificate of completion.
  • 5. Bring your certificate of completion to your local DMV and pass the written exam and you have your Texas motorcycle license!

Contact the riding academy program manager Emily McBride (ridingacademy@longhornhd.com) or for further questions contact us or (972) 988-1903. Put a face to the name and meet our motorcycle safety foundation and Harley-Davidson® Riding academy trained instructors.

Fees associated with receiving your Texas motorcycle license are not listed here. Please contact your local DMV for all questions regarding an “M” endorsement on your driver’s license.